Coyote Engine Conversions and Custom Builds

MSSD has proven experience transplanting late model Coyote engines into vintage Mustangs. We've been doing conversions ever since Ford first produced the Coyote engine and can install a modern driveline, brakes and Coyote engine in your Mustang. A Coyote engine conversion will make your Mustang exciting, reliable and impressive!

Ford's Coyote engine debuted in the 2011 model year and has become one of the most popular engine conversions, not only Mustangs, but also for dune buggies, Broncos and a vast array of other vehicle types. With an effortless 425 horsepower in stock tune, the Coyote gives vintage Mustang owners the reliability of a modular engine without the tuning headaches of a conventional vintage V8 engine.

Coyote conversions are complex and require the proven experience of a shop like MSSD.  If you are considering a Coyote conversion come talk to us about the details and budget required to successfully complete this type of conversion.

Custom Suspension and Brakes in a Classic Mustang

5.0 Coyote Engine Swap in a Classic Mustang

Custom Paint & Body on a Classic Mustang