Classic Mustangs: 1964 1/2 - 1973

Classic Mustangs have maintenance nuances and secrets that are the specialty of The Mustang Shop of San Diego.  Whether your Mustang needs a tune-up or a full restoration, MSSD is the Mustang specialist you can trust with your beloved classic Mustang.  Do not trust a general automotive repair shop with your vintage Mustang, they simply do not possess the knowledge base to effectively maintain your classic Mustang.  MSSD's service spectrum for vintage Mustang's includes, general maintenance, engine and transmission rebuilds, suspension upgrades that includes systems from Total Control Products, full interior restorations, power steering conversions, disc brake conversions and full body and paint services.  MSSD provides comprehensive and professionally delivered parts services for anything your classic Mustang needs.

Stock Suspension and Brakes in a Classic Mustang
A Classic American V8 Engine
Mustangs Prepped for Painting