Mark Houlahan

For inline-six enthusiasts, the answer for performance upgrades came from Mike Winterboer and his business, Classic Inlines. Mike was a champion crusader for inline-six fans, waving the performance flag from the highest point. Classic Inlines innovated with its own cylinder head and intake design, custom cams, exhaust headers, and more to bring out big power from these straight-six “economy” engines found in tens of thousands of Mustangs (and Falcons, Mavericks, Fairmonts, and more). Sadly, we lost Mike to cancer in March of 2015 and Classic Inlines’ has been in limbo since then with rumors of friends and family possibly picking up the business and trying to fill orders.

One enthusiast, Matt Cox, felt he might have something to offer inline-six owners. Having bought parts from Mike himself for his own inline-six Mustang project, Mike stepped up in a big way, creating Vintage Inlines LLC [] and purchasing the remaining inventory of Mike’s business “Mike was such a credit to the hobby and had such a passion for six-cylinder engines. Since his passing, some owners and builders of these engines have been struggling to source parts for their vehicles,” Matt explained. The relocation of the inventory from Arizona to Michigan is now complete, though Matt is still going through everything and categorizing and shelving products to determine what he has, adding them to his website throughout the process.

Vintage Inlines is going to pick up the ball and plans to fill the void left by Mike’s passing. “The intention is to carry all the parts that had been offered by Classic Inlines through the years. Vintage Inlines even plans to develop new products with the intention of modernizing and improving the performance of the venerable Ford engine that powered so many of our favorite cars,” Matt states. One of Vintage Inlines top priorities is going to be bringing back to market the original Classic Inlines popular aluminum head.

Vintage Inlines is up and running now and Matt tells us he’s spoken with quite a few customers and potential customers via phone and e-mail and is excited to get the word out that inline-six owners once again have a major source for performance parts. “I have received quite a few notes thanking me and wishing me well. It’s good to know there are people out there that still need the parts I have to offer,” says Matt.

Matt’s own 1966 Mustang is of course an inline-six car and features many of Mike’s original performance parts, including a 2V Weber carb, exhaust header, electronic ignition, and more.

The remaining inventory from Classic Inlines is now housed at Vintage Inlines’ Michigan facility. New parts are being added to the Vintage Inlines website daily with additional parts being planned for production later this year.